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mardi 7 septembre 2010

Google Doodle (moving/bouncing circles logo) source code


Here is the source code for the Google logo. Originally it uses google object for event listening and browser detection, switched to jQuery. You can find a working example here :

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Anonyme a dit...

hello i experimented a lot with the doodle code today, i made it running without jquery and commented some of the variables and functions, but i cant find your mail adress, write me to drumatic(at) cya

Anonyme a dit...

is there a way to customise this code to change the colours and text?

David Mongeau-Petitpas, É a dit...

I think for the text you will need to do it manually, but for the color it's really simple.

there is an array
s=[D(202,78,9,"ed9d33"),D(348,83,9,"d44d61"),...]; wich defines all the circles. to change the color you simply change the fourth parameter. the 3 other parameter seems to be D(x,y,size,color). with this you can redefine the arrays of circle to change the text and colors.

Beben a dit...


Anonyme a dit...

The doodle code doesn't seem to run at all in IE compatability mode, ie pre IE8. Did anyone else find this?

Anonyme a dit...

Is there a way of using this code but changing the word 'Google' to your own website name?

Would it be legal?

David Mongeau-Petitpas, É a dit...
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David Mongeau-Petitpas, É a dit...

Yes you can change the array of dot
to what you want.
For example :
will create two red circles one over the other.
The parameters for the D() object are D(x,y,size,color)

Whimsy Collective a dit...

Thank you for the source code. It's exactly what Google Doodle had in September 7, 2010. Too bad they don't have it included in their Google Doodle calendar.

Whimsy Collective

Anonyme a dit...

I've managed to create my own word and move the word to the desired location on my page, but the letters don't move when I place the cursor over/near them. Instead the letters move when I focus on another area of the page.

How would I change the 'focus' so that the letters move when the cursor is over/near them? Which bit of code handles this?


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